(March 4, 2015) During a recent discussion with area lawmakers, Garden City Manager Matt Allen came up with a question many Kansans would like to ask.
(March 3, 2015) A state lawmaker recently joined Gov. Sam Brownback in some creative finger-pointing over the flawed income tax-cut policy of 2012.
(March 2, 2015) Kansas school districts have been accumulating unspent taxpayer funds even as they call for increased funding. Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert talks with podcast host Paul Soutar about these funds.
(March 2, 2015) MATT STEWART A decision about the future of state funding for Kansas schools is expected to be made by Friday. Lawmakers are expected to throw out the old funding formula to create a new one.
(February 28, 2015) BRYAN LOWRY The Legislature reached “turnaround” this past week, the midpoint in the session and the deadline for many bills to pass one chamber or get sidelined until next year.