The #15 rank in Economic Outlook is Kansas’ second-best in the seven-year history of Rich States, Poor States. Kansas was ranked #11 last year.
Predictable response to student-focused education funding debate.
(4-9-14) PATRICK LOWRY The conservative majority that reigns supreme in both the legislative and executive branches in Topeka do not take kindly to advice from the third supposed co-equal, the judiciary. Even orders from the Kansas Supreme Court are met begrudgingly — or threatened to be ignored.
(April 9, 2014) TRAVIS PERRY The results are in, and the news isn’t good: Kansas continues to plummet in state spending transparency rankings, and it barely squeaked by with a grade of D-minus, according to a report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.
Kansas Board of Education members voice objections to Innovative School Districts requests.