(September 12, 2014) BRYAN LOWRY Republican lawmakers have called for Paul Davis’ appointee to a commission on school spending to step down over comments made in support of consolidating rural school districts, but one of Republican House Speaker Ray Merrick’s appointees also has written...
(September 12, 2014) TIM CARPENTER Gov. Sam Brownback's political allies rocked the Kansas State Fair as their Republican champion heaped praise on rural public education and hitched Democrat Paul Davis to a school consolidation remark by a former GOP senator.
(September 9, 2014) BRIAN MILLER A vote on a new 1% sales tax for Wichita is coming in November and groups from both sides of the issue are arguing for their cause.
(September 9, 2014) KELSEY RYAN The Kansas Policy Institute, a conservative Wichita nonprofit organization, is hosting a community forum on the proposed job development fund, which is part of the one-cent-on-the-dollar sales tax that will be on the November ballot.
(September 9, 2014) BOB WEEKS Kansas Policy Institute is hosting a conference titled “Fostering Economic Growth in Wichita.” This is the second in a series of events looking at issues surrounding the proposed sales tax in Wichita.