(April 19, 2014) BRAD COOPER Is it a back-door attempt to funnel money to religious schools at the expense of taxpayers and public schools? Or is it a helping hand for the state’s neediest students to get out of low-performing schools?
(April 19, 2014) DAVE TRABERT Media reaction to the school finance legislation has been pretty predictable. It focuses almost exclusively on institutions and ignores the impact on students. As usual, it’s all about money and politics.
(April 18, 2014) REX SINQUEFIELD Last year, I detailed Kansas’ roadmap for growth through comprehensive tax reform. Since then, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), a left-leaning think tank funded by George Soros, lambasted Kansas’ significant pro-growth tax policy changes.
If the legislative session had a theme regarding education policy, it would be the title of Dr. Leo Marvin’s book Baby Steps from the movie "What About Bob?". Because even though great strides at improving education fell short, at least it’s a beginning.
The #15 rank in Economic Outlook is Kansas’ second-best in the seven-year history of Rich States, Poor States. Kansas was ranked #11 last year.