(October 19, 2014) PATRICK LOWRY Voters must be baffled by competing claims regarding the funding of K-12 public schools in Kansas. The Brownback administration says it is going up; most everybody else says it is going down. Does the truth lie somewhere in the middle? We simply would say: No.
(October 18, 2014) DUANE GOOSSEN Walk into any Kansas bank and say, “I’ve got an idea and I want to borrow some money.” Will the bankers give you a loan? Not without a lot more information. Not without a business plan that shows calculations of how your idea might reasonably work.
(October 18, 2014) Neither Gov. Sam Brownback nor Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis is leveling with the public about the state's budget problems. Here's what they aren't saying: Regardless of who wins the election in November, there will be major spending cuts -- likely starting...
(October 16, 2014) BARBARA SHELLY All politicians spin. They exaggerate and make selective use of facts and data. These are tricks of the trade. That sounds harsh, and it is possible that Brownback actually believes his own mythology.
(October 16, 2014) MURREL BLAND The two opposing candidates for the Kansas State Board of Education, First District, have somewhat similar backgrounds. The candidates, Janet Waugh, the Democrat four-term incumbent, is a former president of the Turner School Board. Nancy Klemp, the Republican...