In a somewhat meandering August 21 opinion piece in the Garden City Telegram, Manhattan-Ogden school board vice-president Aaron Estabrook expresses his frustration at Governor Brownback for failing to pursue universal pre-school for Kansas 4 year-olds.
Thirty-eight school districts have applied for additional state aid from the Extraordinary Needs fund based on increased enrollment, reduced property values, loss of state aid (just Hutchinson) and the reactivation of two refugee resettlement agencies in Wichita by the U.S. Office for Refugee...
(August 21, 2015) JASON TAYLOR 38 Kansas school districts applying for emergency funding appear before a council Monday to state their needs. They’ve been told by Republican leaders on the council to provide examples of how they’ve been operating more efficiently.
(August 19, 2015) JASON TAYLOR Top Republican lawmakers want Kansas school districts who’re asking for extra funding to supply information about how they’ve become more efficient.
In this issue, baseless attacks masquerading as policy argument.