(December 19, 2014) DAVE TRABERT It’s bad enough when politicians fabricate stories for political gain, but it’s especially appalling coming from a university professor. A recent column by Emporia State professor Michael Smith claimed that the Kansas Policy Institute budget plan...
(December 18, 2014) JASON TAYLOR Kansas lawmakers face a $280 million deficit when they meet next in January. Dave Trabert of the conservative Kansas Policy Institute says the shortfall is the fault of legislators who haven’t reigned in the cost of government.
(December 18, 2014) MICHAEL A. SMITH With the election over, this month’s hot topic in Kansas politics returns to the budget. Are we in a huge budget hole, created by the tax cuts championed by Governor Brownback? Or, will economic growth save the day?
Recent media reports that $648 million must be cut from the Kansas General Fund budget for FY 2016 have predictably produced ‘sky is falling’ declarations, but deeper analysis shows that service cuts and tax increases can still be avoided.
“Kansas has a ‘dead’ charter (school) law.” This according to the just released “On the Road To Better Accountability: An Analysis of State Charter School Policies” from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA).