Revised data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Kansas had better private sector job growth in 2014 than neighboring states of Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska.
New jobs data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that private sector jobs grew at a much faster pace in the Kansas City, KS metro than the Kansas City, Missouri metro.
(March 29, 2015) Americans often walk for a cause. In Kansas, a school board member’s trek with fellow Kansans involves casting more light on ongoing attempts to cripple public schools.
(March 28, 2015) TIM SCHRAG There were no softball questions at Saturday’s Legislative Forum. “I always try to start with an easy question, but I couldn’t find any,” said moderator Richard Shank.
KPI has created a state public education employment metrics report for FY 2014 and the file can be accessed here. The file contains employment totals and also five categories of pupil-per-employee ratios. Here are some highlights and analysis.