(October 26, 2014) ALLYSIA FINLEY Sam Brownback cut taxes to stop the state’s economic decline. Big spenders in both parties won’t forgive him.
(October 22, 2014) RENEE JEAN One of the things Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert says his organization does is help people work through false choices. Kansas Policy Institute bills itself as an independent think tank to advocate for free market solutions.
(October 22, 2014) DAVE TRABERT Much national attention has portrayed the upcoming election for Kansas governor as a referendum on the efficacy of tax reform, but that really isn’t the issue.
(October 22, 2014) The debate between Rep. Paul Davis and Gov. Sam Brownback over school finance is clouded, to say the least. Davis says Brownback signed “the largest single cut to our schools in state history.”
The executive directors of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth (Annie McKay) and the Kansas Economic Progress Council (Bernie Koch) are going around the state with a presentation entitled “The Impacts of Kansas’ Changing Tax Policy.”