Despite ‘sky is falling’ claims from high tax / big government proponents, the new Kansas revenue estimates show that tax revenue will continue to be well ahead of the inflation-adjusted historic trend.
(April 22, 2015) YAEL T. ABOUHALKAH It’s broken record time in Kansas: The new national report released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Kansas had the 39th worst jobs growth record over the last year.
(April 21, 2015) DAVE TRABERT New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows private sector job growth in Kansas is much more competitive with other states in recent years.
(April 20, 2015) STEVE PEGRAM The response from Kansas Representative (Ken) Corbet regarding my statements about the new block grant funding was very well written. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a response from the Kansas Policy Institute.
In this issue, a look at "Where the Buffaloed Roam - An Ode to the Kansas Budget," a film by Louisburg High School student Carson Tappan, is being featured at the Kansas City Film Festival.