You think completing and filing your income taxes is difficult? Try filling out the required budget forms school districts must do to comply with state law.
(July 28, 2015) ROXIE HAMMILL Saying the quality of life in Johnson County is at stake, supporters of county libraries, parks and public transit packed into a county hearing room Monday night to urge commissioners to raise the property tax rate for the first time since 2006.
(July 27, 2015) LISA D'SOUZA The Johnson County Commission is holding a public hearing Monday night about a proposed property tax hike. Under the proposal, a home worth $250,000 would see an increase of about $8. Commissioners say the potential increase will help fund parks and libraries...
(July 26, 2015) JOE ROBERTSON Three-hundred Kansas miles separate Olathe’s suburban public schools from Ness City’s outpost in the heart of economically smitten oil country. Both of these seemingly mismatched school districts are reaching out their hands for a share...
(July 25, 2015) JAMES FRANKO Duane Goossen’s claim that “lawmakers had no real choice during the 2015 legislative session but to raise taxes somewhere” is demonstrably false (“State’s ‘pay-fors’ are coming due,” July 19 Opinion).