Over the past few decades several movies have been produced in which the protagonist(s) has to relive a day over and over again until some unknown variable breaks the chain. The most famous is Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day (can it really be 20 years old?).
The recent release of July’s private sector jobs numbers marks the seventh month of available data for 2014. Kansas continues to keep pace with its income taxing peer states despite a slower month in July than in June.
(August 22, 2014) RHONDA HOLMAN There’s no harm in having fresh eyes and minds consider how to make Kansas public schools more efficient. But what seems like the state’s umpteenth effort to do so should put as high a value on schools being more effective...
Buzzwords and catchphrases - what would education be without them. Here are a few examples of those catchy little language snippets currently in vogue: research-based, lifelong learner, brain break, differentiated instruction, scaffolding, standards aligned, brain-based learning...
(August 19, 2014) PETER HANCOCK A spokeswoman for a union that represents teachers in the Wichita school district told a state education panel Tuesday that one way to make Kansas schools more efficient is to stop cutting.